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Database Programming

Database Programming

What We Do

Our talented team of IT professionals has the capabilities to program nearly any type of database solution your website may need in order to help improve usability and the overall visitor experience.

Shopping Cart

Shopping carts allow visitors to purchase products directly from your website through a secure transaction.

Searchable Directories

.Searchable directories create a directory of staff members, products or services that can be easily searched by any type of category you choose.

Internal Website Search

Internal website search ability allows your visitors to easily find the information within your website that they want, while also improving your site’s search engine ranking.

Password Protected

Password protection designates certain areas of your website to only be accessed by certain individuals, such as customers or staff members. This allows you to host sensitive information on your website.

Database Languages

VEN is Fluent with

PHP ,JavaScript is now ALSO being used on the server, with the engine called: Node.js,Java / JSP,Python,Ruby,ASP.NET – usually with the C# programming language