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Now… What are you going to do about it?

Blog Editor

Write new posts, edit drafts, schedule upcoming posts &  more in just a few clicks.

Tags & Categories

Categorize your posts and add tags so that readers can find what interests them.

Video & Photo Galleries

Make every post stunning! Showcase all the photos & videos you want.

Comments Section

Keep the conversation going by letting readers make comments on your posts.

Embed Code

Embed HTML in your posts to add fun quizzes, special forms & more

Social Tools

Take your posts further by making it easy for visitors to spread the word on social networks.

Templates For Your Blog

VEN has 100s of beautiful templates designed for all types of businesses…

Blog Designs

VEN  has a massive collection of custom layouts to get you started with your brand new blog! Check out the theme demo to preview a few custom layouts.

In addition, we periodically realease layout packs for portfolios and a wide array of business intended websites.

RSS Feed

Having an RSS “Really Simple Syndication” feed for your blog has become a necessity. Interested readers will actively look for that conventional orange RSS feed icon signifying that an RSS feed for the site is available. Additionally RSS gives you opportunities to communicate with your loyal following and grow your community. Loyal subscribers are always awaiting to recieve your next informative announcement.

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