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Web Analytics


Quickly connect your data to decisions, without sacrificing reliability. Our lighter, more powerful analytics tag is designed for both websites and mobile apps.


Export massive volumes of data, then explore your “big analytics” for ultra-advanced targeting or to merge several different types of marketing data.


Get rich mobile analytics, in-app, app store and benchmark data. Track mobile user engagement and retention over time.


Understand and drive your business at a glance! Create digital analytics dashboards that can be customized down to the pixel and shared across your company.


Make quicker and smarter decisions, without sifting through mountains of data! Use easy-to-understand reports that are jargon-free and tailored to your business..


Explore the depths of your digital performance. No matter your questions and queries, get answers by cross-calculating, filtering and correlating your data in just seconds.

Web Analytics

After your site has launched and your SEO services have been applied, our visibility specialists will continue to monitor your websites performance with regular traffic and statistics tracking. These additional visibility services provide clients with comprehensive website analytics to inform you of how often people are visiting your website, what they are looking at and how they got there.

The Process

A VEN Interactive Media Visibility Specialist will regularly review your sites results with you to help you achieve maximum results and make any necessary changes to your SEO/SEM service package.

Why VEN Analytics for your Website?

Gain more efficiency in less time

Count on our analytics consulting experts to help you extract the most value from your data and tools: implement and ensure reliability of data, direct and guide your web and mobile sites, and analyze and optimize performance.


Without reliable data, your decisions won’t hold water. Implementation of your digital analytics tag must be done properly, or you run the risk of compromising all your statistical analyses. To cover your bases and ensure data reliability, look to our experts for help with implementing our tag on your websites, mobile sites and applications, or to simply to check that your tagging plan is fitting and functional.


Your data holds invaluable insights. But to unlock those insights, you must know how to handle your data, decrypt it and compare it, so that you may act on these results and adjust your digital strategy in the right direction. Our consultants will perform a comprehensive or targeted performance audit of your web and mobile sites, and provide strategic recommendations and comparative indicators from your market with detailed benchmarking.  .

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