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Mobile Websites

Advanced Mobile Design

As one of the fastest growing platforms, mobile marketing has become a must have for companies looking to grow. When designing your mobile site there are certain features you need to keep in mind to have the most success.

Optimized for users

Your mobile site comes packed with speed, images and content are all optimized for best results and user experience.

Social Media integration

Social media is one of the top mobile activities by users and integrating it into your mobile site can help you engage with your audience and increase the time they spend with your brand.

Zoom/Move product images

Mobile device screens are much smaller than a desktop, so you need to make sure the user can enlarge all your product images. If they cannot clearly view your product they will simply move on.

Easy Access To Your Contact Information

When planning out your mobile site, create an easy path for the user to find your contact information. You’ll have more success if the user is able to click directly on your contact information from their device.

Fully Responsive Layouts

We know that your website needs to be accessible and readable on all devices. We made VEN fully responsive so that your designs look great no matter what. With the builder, you design your desktop website, and we make sure that Divi does the heavy lifting for you.

More Mobile Features

VEN Ships with a tone of great premade layouts to get you started with a homepage, a portfolio, an eCommerce Storefront, and much more! Check out the theme demo to preview a few of these premade layouts. We’ve even realeased layout packs along the way for portfolios and business focused websites.


Besides helping you lift your current website we can help you with mobile websites and convert your website to a mobile friendly website that turns iPhone searches into sales.


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